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Upcoming Sessions and Deadlines

All Spring 2021 Challenges are now open for registration. From now until the end of the market day on Friday January 15th is the practice round. All portfolios will be reset for the official start date, Monday January 19th.

Want an investment advisor?

Choose the SME Mentored Investment Challenge* and request a mentor. Registration instructions will be provided when a mentor has been assigned to your team(s) or class(s).

Confident on your own?

Register your team(s) for the Standard SME Challenge*.

Have advanced investors?

Register those students in SME Advanced Challenge* team(s), so they can experience trading futures, options, and currencies.

*Teams or students competing in the SME Mentored Investment Challenge or the Standard SME Challenge may also compete in the SME Advanced Challenge.

2021 Trading Sessions* Deadlines
Start Date End Date Registration 1st Trade
2021 Spring Standard SME Challenges*: Elementary, Middle and High School Jan 19 Apr 2 Jan 29 Feb 5
2021 Spring Advanced SME Challenge*
2021 Spring MIC Challenges*: Elementar/Middle, High School
2020-2021 Open Enrollment Session¹˒² Aug 8, '20 Sep 9, '21 N/A N/A
2021 Fall Sessions (Registrations in mid August) Sep 7 Nov 19 Sep 17 Sep 24
* All Challenges are password protected. Passwords are available at econlitco.org/stock-market-experience. ¹NOT ELIGIBLE FOR CASH PRIZES OR PARTICIPATION IN THE AWARDS CEREMONY. ²RUNS ALL YEAR. REGISTER AND PLAY ANY TIME, PLAY AS LONG AS YOU WANT
Teachers - You may register for multiple sessions. Teams may NOT participate in a Mentored and Standard challenge simultaneously.

How Will Your Students Benefit?

National research shows participation in stock market simulation programs improves test scores in economics, mathematics, and financial literacy.

Skills gained through the Stock Market Experience:

  • Economic and personal financial literacy
  • Resource allocation
  • Diversification and investment strategies
  • Critical thinking
  • Data interpretation, analysis and synthesis through use of models and simulations
  • Problem solving
  • Research skills
  • Oral and written communication
  • Public speaking
  • Leadership, teamwork, collaboration
  • Identifying trends and forecasting possibilities
  • Student-led inquiry

Stock Market Simulation Features

real-time trading

Real Time Trading

All US Stocks, ETFs, Options, Futures, Spots, and Future Options trade at real-time bid/ask prices for the most realistic simulation possible

real-time trading

Realistic Broker Fees

The simulation includes all transaction costs and broker fees to add every degree of realism

real-time trading

More Security Types

Students have the freedom to trade any investment type: stocks, bonds, futures, mutual funds, ETFs, options, currencies, and more

real-time trading

Professional Research

Get news, quotes, analyst ratings, historical prices, and option chains for every US security, plus much more industry and market research